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Modular Power Data and Wiring Solutions

Modular Power, Data, and Wiring Solutions

Office One can provide your workplace with a modular wire, power and data solution that can make future changes to your workplace a breeze.

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Whether you need to provide electrical receptacles and/or telecom ports for your non-powered workstations or you need to bring technology to your training room or lobby— Office One has a solution to help your workplace stay flexible and accessible.

The Benefits of Modular Wire, Data and Power Systems >

Modular Wire, Data and Power Systems provide the following benefits:

  • Easy maintenance. Access your power, data and telecom services quickly with minimal interuption
  • Modular wiring systems offer flexibility and versatility for end-users as well as installers
  • Reduce installation time, risk, and electrical labor
  • Can improve a sites overall safety while increasing a workspaces aesthetic
  • Allows for seamless future modifications and reconfigurations within the facility

Typical Applications for Modular Wire, Data, and Power Systems >

Some common workplace applications for Modular wire, data and power systems include:

  • Data centers that are at low power and cooling capacity or out of physical space
  • IT departments
  • Call Centers
  • Data processing centers
  • Telecom switch centers
  • Educational facilities
  • Electronics industry
  • Corporations
  • Government facilities
  • Educational Institutions and facilities
  • Retail Industry
  • Warehouse and Distribution facilities
  • Financial Institutions



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