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Why is Office One Unique?

Office One - Architectural Products and Office Furnishings

Office One recognizes that in today’s world you win with knowledge and innovation. Workspace must seamlessly link the physical space with the technology all while supporting our customer’s work culture. Office One understands that the days of being strictly a workstation provider have long since departed. Companies must be able to evolve with their changing needs, including its philosophies, technology, growth, or culture.  Today’s offices must support:

  • Today’s technology, while anticipating tomorrow’s change
  • Formality, informality and the constant sharing of knowledge (communication)
  • The various culture, work styles and changing demographics of the workplace
  • Flexibility and speed to make changes!

OfficeOne is much more than your typical traditional furniture dealership.  Not only can we offer a complete furnishings solution for your workplace, but we also provide design services, raised flooring solutions, floor covering options, movable office walls, sound masking systems, high density mobile storage systems, inplant offices, and more.  We can offer complete turnkey solutions for your workspace.  We can mange your project from the conceptual/design development phase all the way to the final walk-through with our team of experienced architectural solution providers.

We take great pride in delivering more than simple product solutions. It is our job to be the eyes and ears of new innovation taking place within the architectural and facilities world. To that end, we are committed to continuously listen and learn from our customers, today’s thought leaders, researchers, and engineers who are passionate about this industry. We promise to deliver knowledge that is relevant to you and your business. Let us provide you solutions that not only help you meet your budget and goals of today,  but leave you with the flexibility and ease to make changes for the future.

Office One - Affordable Architectural and Workplace Solutions