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Movable Office Walls

Movable Office Walls

Office One can provide your workplace with a number of movable office wall solutions that can help you achieve your sustainable building goals, all while making it easy to make future reconfigurations within your workplace. Whether your project is 4 floors or just 1 demising wall, Office One is the smart choice for demountable partitions solutions.

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Office One is a premier dealer of NxtWall movable wall partition systems and has successfully completed many installations for a wide range of customers. NxtWall interior demountable walls allow Facility Managers to manage space like never before.  Interior designers and architects also admire that our demountable wall systems accommodate their specific design needs. Movable office walls can provide a flexible and inexpensive solution compared to the landfill-waste adding fixed traditional drywall construction methods of the past.

Let’s face it, change is inevitable. Companies grow. Companies downsize. Technology evolves. Budgets tighten. Employees come and employees go. Needless to say, establishments need to keep pace with an ever-changing environment.  Demountable walls not only install quicker than traditional construction drywall methods (with one trade, instead of several), but they also allow changes to be performed in the field (onsite) help to minimize workplace disruptions such as drywall dust and noise. Demountable wall systems make it easy to add offices, divide current office space, and change the function of an office altogether with minimal turnaround. With NxtWall, today’s current office with solid wall panels can become an all glass conference room tomorrow. Or a team collaboration room with STC friendly acoustical fabric panels can easily add markerboards or whiteboards with just a few  minimal parts with ease! 

The Benefits of Demountable Office Wall Systems >

Demountable Office Wall Systems provide the following benefits:

  • Flexibility – walls can be moved, reused, and reconfigured adapting to your changing needs
  • Can seamlessly integrate new technologies and can even adapt to existing walls / wall systems
  • Quick installation times – movable wall systems can accelerate construction schedules with quick lead times and with the use of only one trade instead of several trades used frequently within conventional drywall construction
  • SustainabilityNxtWall demountable walls are 100% recyclable, reusable and can avoid landfill waste common in standard conventional construction projects, not to mention being a LEED™ qualified product
  • Unlimited choice of wall panel materials – glass, mdf board, finished drywall, veneer, acoustical fabric, white/marker boards, homasote, metal grating, etc… provides Interior Designers and Architects with complete freedom to make the space their own
  • Demountable wall systems allow for reconfigurations without major disruption to your daily work processes
  • Can provide immense energy savings and boost efficiency – i.e. Daylight harvesting to increase natural light throughout your space
  • Can provide better acoustical privacy than standard construction drywall walls
  • Demountable Wall systems like NxtWall require very minimal valuable storage space for inventory with their minimal kit of parts, making them a Facility Manager’s ideal choice
  • Accelerated depreciation schedule of 7 years as opposed to 39 years for conventional drywall construction
  • Cost savings and huge Tax savings advantages are available when using demountable wall systems.
    (Although the initial cost of demountable walls can be higher than standard drywall construction, the cost savings will become instantly apparent the first time you have to make changes to your workspace. Some demountable wall projects will pay themselves off after the first major reconfiguration- eliminating demolition costs and significantly reducing the time, new material cost, and temporary relocation costs that are common with standard drywall construction methods. This is a large incentive for businesses of all sizes, and will result in a significant cost savings on your purchase and installation of office walls with a tremendous Return on Investment.)

Typical Applications for Demountable Wall Systems >

Some common applications for NxtWall demountable office wall systems:

  • Financial and insurance offices
  • Corporate offices
  • Executive conferencing spaces
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Reception and waiting room areas
  • Distribution centers
  • Open Office space layouts
  • Higher Education, College Universities and Institutions
  • Renovations
  • Tenant spaces
  • Retail facilities and major department stores
  • Corporate training facilities
  • Convention Centers and Auditoriums
  • Hotel and hospitality facilities
  • Restaurants
  • All Manufacturing sectors


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